Route Magazine added to list of Media ‘Partners’ of Rockin Route66

Route 66

Route Magazine added to list of Media ‘Partners’ of Rockin Route66

ROUTE Magazine is a high quality, bi-monthly magazine that celebrates road travel, vintage Americana and iconic Route 66.

We are excited to receive the support of Route Magazine for Rockin Route 66 Festival, scheduled for the last weekend of June, 2019. Route Magazine is an international source on Route 66, covering places to stay, celebrities who influence to road today, lost roads and hard to find gems, and so much more. “Through full-length features that explore the world of US road travel at a more leisurely pace, personalized interviews with fascinating people connected to legendary towns and highways, and narrative journalism, as well as the celebration of the inspiring stories of the lives of those who live on, support and keep the Mother Road alive and thriving, ROUTE Magazine hopes to captivate readers’ imaginations and inspire them to get out and experience the pure joy that comes from traveling down Route 66 and along quieter stretches of road.”

Route Magazine will be on location throughout the entire festival. Stop by their booth set-up at the Tucumcari Convention Center, Home of Rockin Route 66, the ‘Heartbeat of Route66’.

To get more information of Route Magazine and read some of their on-line articles, please follow this link. https://www.routemagazine.us/ Make sure you stop by and say hello. You never know, your face might be seen worldwide at Rockin Route 66.

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