Rockin’ Route 66 hits the streets of Tucumcari

Route 66

Rockin’ Route 66 hits the streets of Tucumcari

Far from being an iconic mural on Route 66, the producers erected the Rockin’ Route 66 bilboard this weekend close to the entrance of the Tucumcari Convention Center, located on Route 66 on the west end of town.

The intent is to display the billboard year round for travelers to see and set their sights on returning to the great town of Tucumcari, and celebrate with all of us this Route 66 celebration and rock n’ roll weekender, during the last weekend in June, annually. The billboard’s design was laid out by the producer, Brian L. Whitcomb of Hot Pan Productions and art designer, Brent Cashman of BOC Design. The phrase ” The Heartbeat of Route66” was created by Brian L. Whitcomb following a meeting at the Route 66 Museum, and the board shared that Tucumcari is known as the Heart of Route66.

From Left to Right: Bobbi, Cameron, Tony, Debbie, and Wayne. Photo taken by Chris

Rockin’ Route 66 will be researching additional billboard locations along i-40 for consideration to help boost additional attention to both the festival and the City of Tucumcari. “Placement is critical for us. We are looking for a particular market, and you just can’t place a billboard anywhere and expect results”, says producer Whitcomb.

The billboard design was to capture the amazing desert sunsets, the open road of Route 66, and the creative depiction of just how “rockin” the City of Tucumcari can be.

We want to thank some of the sponsors that helped made it happen: First Title Services and Fought Mechanical. There is a lot that takes place behind the scenes of any festival. Many times, most of these tasks or assignments are never seen, recognized, or provided any credit. It takes much more than just one source of contribution or support to make any festival happen. It takes amazing sponsors like those above and some of our additional sponsors including: Motel Safari, Roadrunner Lodge, Cornerstone First Edition, Kix on 66, the Elks Lodge, Odeon Theatre, Watson’s BBQ, Motel 6, Quality Inn, the Desert Inn, Outlaw Apparel, NAPA, Quality Lube and Tire, the Blue Swallow, Bomb City Customs, High Plains Harley-Davidson, Lowe’s 94, and Russ Brown Law Firm.

Photography by Scott Adams

You will also notice in town for the week of the festival, the gas station directly across Route 66 from Motel Safari, this will be the “home” of Garage71 and Grease inc. for Rockin’ Route 66. Here you will be able to purchase tickets for the headline evening concerts, preregister for the car and bike show (taking place Saturday), and purchase official Rockin’ Route 66 merchandise. The shop will open with limited hours beginning Monday, June 24th. The producers wanted to ensure they were accessible and easy to find the week of the festival. We hope you like the addition on Route 66 for the week, as we are looking and searching for a potential local location.

We want to thank our local crew for their fun videos, and their heroic efforts on installing the Rockin’ Route 66 billboard this past Thursday, May 30th. It’s this kind of support that helps in creating the magic for years to come. By raising the billboard and showcasing the efforts of the city, the people, and the festival, it shows just how when people come together, obstacles can be overcome and create great opportunities. Well, we see Rockin’ Route 66 as a part of that magic and we look forward to years of great fun and entertainment on the streets of Tucumcari, “the heart of Route 66”.

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