Kix on 66 SOLD in Tucumcari, NM

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Kix on 66 SOLD in Tucumcari, NM

Todd Duplantis, with his fiancée Jackie Parker, stands Friday behind the counter of the Kix on 66 restaurant in Tucumcari. Duplantis, who also owns Cornerstone First Edition Pizza and Subs, closed the deal Thursday to buy Kix on 66 from longtime owners Yvonne Braziel and Yvette Peacock.

by Ron Warnick

The Kix on 66 restaurant in Tucumcari has a new owner, and he’s a local who’s no stranger to the dining business.

Todd Duplantis, who also owns Cornerstone First Edition Pizza & Subs down the street, closed on the deal Thursday afternoon for Kix on 66 at 1102 E. Route 66 Blvd. from longtime owners Yvonne Braziel and Yvette Peacock.

Don’t expect big changes at Kix, which serves only breakfast and lunch, with its new owner.

“It’s my favorite restaurant to eat breakfast,” Duplantis said. “I have no intention of changing of any of the employees and nothing right now I’d want to change on the menu.”

Duplantis said negotiations for Kix on 66 began to “get serious” in July, a few months after Peacock and Braziel said they were putting it and Del’s Restaurant on the market.

Peacock said she and her sister had owned Kix on 66 – a former Denny’s – for 15 years and that handing over the keys was bittersweet.

“We did want to slow down a little bit, but it’s still hard because it’s like giving away one of your children,” she said. “The hardest part is to leave those employees behind because some have been with us for a long time. We started it and grew it with local people, Route 66 people and national and international people, and it’s really taken off.

“It’s good that someone local is doing it … someone that will keep it the same with the same employees,” Peacock added. “It’s better than someone taking it over from out of town who doesn’t know the area.”

Duplantis said Cornerstone customers shouldn’t expect any big changes, either.

“The only thing we’re changing at Cornerstone is adding new things to the menu, but that’s par for the course,” he said. “Cornerstone stays the same; Kix is joining the family.”

A sale price for Kix on 66 wasn’t disclosed.

Peacock indicated selling Del’s is not as urgent because they’re managing one restaurant instead of two. She said they still would entertain offers “if something came along.”

“For now, we’ll keep it running as usual,” Peacock said of Del’s. “We’re content to keep the one and keep it going.”

Peacock and Braziel have owned Del’s Restaurant for 24 years. Del Akin built the eatery in 1956 along U.S. 66.

Duplantis didn’t dismiss the possibility of eventually making a bid for Del’s.

“I’m not saying yes or no yet,” he said when asked about the prospect. “The ladies have done a wonderful job with both restaurants; either one is a wonderful investment. I’m just glad they took the time and gave me the opportunity to pick this one up. If Del’s is available at a future time, I would like to consider it. Not anytime soon, though.”


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