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With traveling Route 66, many of us have made it harder than it is. We have all heard the stories and myths of Route 66. So many of these myths are inaccurate and may cause stress or even have deterred people from the experience of Route66. Well, for someone who has traveled Route 66 now several times, from start to finish, for one, you have to be excited for this trip. There is so much to see and do that one trip you’ll have to make decisions on what will be seen on this trip, and what will be seen on the next one and the one after that.

Also, you need an attitude that time is only determined by the towns you visit with closing times of any place you wish to visit. We have enjoyed pulling over watching the sun set in the middle of “no where” to spending hours talking to complete strangers on the history and stories of their town, business, life on Route 66, and so much more. It is an experience where you can find ‘America’ all over again, or for some, for the very first time.

Now let us explain that. ‘America’ has been seen as history as the one place in the world to see and experience. Remember the phrases that “America’s streets were paved in gold.” Well, it wasn’t true, but what it meant was the people and places across America had hearts of gold. It was very different then, but we have experienced that those values still remain deeply rooted in so many great towns along Route 66.

Route 66 Navigation has put together this great guide for anyone getting started and that is planning to roll out to Rockin’ Route 66 this summer. In this guide you’ll receive planning tips, discuss the myths, suggestions on some great sights, and more.

The guide comes in 6 different languages and is available for on-line or downloadable use.

What is inside?

This detailed guide will perfectly prepare you for the trip of a lifetime along Route 66. You’ll learn what to pack, how to negotiate the price for a motorcycle or car rental, how to book accommodation, as well as what travel on Route 66 looks like.

Thanks to this book you’ll get a full overview of what’s ahead of you, including a detailed financial breakdown of costs. The book contains not only advice, but also tips and tricks that’ll save you money. From the author who has traveled along Route 66 for more than 18,000 kilometers and still has plenty of reasons to come back to it.

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