The Fabulous Rockabilly Mafia Dolls extend support to Rockin’ Route 66

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The Fabulous Rockabilly Mafia Dolls extend support to Rockin’ Route 66

We would like to thank and welcome, the Fabulous Rockabilly Mafia Dolls to Rockin’ Route 66 festival. The ladies extended their support to the crew of Rockin’ Route 66 last year, as we made our announcement. A group of the ladies based in Albuquerque, NM came out to support Downtown Showdown, last summer and meet with “Big Boy” of Grease Inc.

“The rockabilly mafia dolls are vintage inspired social club originally founded In Fresno California in 2010 by Vanessa Garcia a.k.a. classiness. We have 14 chapter nationwide, one of the biggest sisterhoods who give back to their community!”

“Our vision is to see the full potential in every woman. The Rockabilly Mafia Dolls Is a sisterhood for every woman who is inspired by doing! We are about building stronger bonds, lifting each other up to become stronger leaders in our communities where we help our community by volunteering our time and always remembering to keep it classy. We inspire to be seen as a role model to all young women in the community at large!”

The ladies will be assisting Ms. Buttercream Bettie of Grease Inc. magazine during the festival. Rockin’ Route 66 wants to ensure all the ladies attending the festival as well as participating in the search for Ms. Rockin’ Route 66, presented by Roadrunner Lodge, are taken care of. The Rockabilly Mafia Dolls will have a booth at the Tucumcari Convention Center, where we will be accepting an additional 10 participants for Ms. Rockin’ Route 66. At their booth, we will also have the sign-up for the ‘Mommy and Me’ contest, which will be taking place Saturday afternoon on the Motel Safari Main Stage.

There is still time to get signed up for the Ms. Rockin’ Route 66 Pin Up Contest, presented by Roadrunner Lodge at: http://rockinroute66.com/festival-highlights/pin-up-contest/

There will be support merchandise for the Fabulous Rockabilly Mafia Dolls on-site, and we encourage any lady interested, talk with gals on how to get involved. You can check out more more information and follow the gals at: https://www.facebook.com/rockabillymafiadollsnewmexico/

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