Meet Ms. Shannana Bananigans

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Meet Ms. Shannana Bananigans

Shannana Bananigans is a Santa Fe based performance artist. You may have seen her at Meow Wolf performing in the famous House of Eternal Return or in a viral video or two! Ms. Otto also boasts an extensive background in the flow arts and aerial acrobatics. Her avant-garde style of costumery, movement, and object manipulation mesmerizes audiences as she never fails to deliver a riveting and often comedic performance. Find out more at bananigans.com!

Hobbies: When not throwing a show with her friends you can find Ms. Otto playing the slots at any one of our wonderful local casinos! She loves trying her luck! 

Companies/Brands/Promotions You Have Modeled: Bananigans has been in two viral videos for Meow Wolf in which you can see examples of her character work, costuming, and special fx makeup. One made by Thrillist and the other by Insider, Travel Dares Edition. Usually, she models under her own name for self promotion and promoting local shows. Shannana is also part of Wisefool, circus troupe in Santa Fe which promotes social justice.

Fun Facts About You?: I used to be a clinical mental health therapist and now I’m a clown. Patch Adams said it best, “The role of the physician and the clown are the same. It’s to elevate the possible and relieve suffering.”

Why Do You Want To Be Ms. Rockin Route 66?: I’ve always been fond of pinup style. As a native New Mexican, Route 66 has always been a part of my life. It would be an honor to represent it in pinup form.

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