Importing from Chihuahua, Mexico; Ian Rosewood

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Importing from Chihuahua, Mexico; Ian Rosewood

Hailing from Mexico, Ian Rosewood is added to the headline line-up on Saturday night at Rockin’ Route 66, opening for Headcat 13, June 27th, 2020.

Ian Rosewood begins his solo career in the second half of 2007, paying attention to the need to express all kinds of feelings, emotions, ideals as well as lifestyle.

It is not until mid-2008 when he decides to set aside projects and collaborations in various groups of punk, rock and blues music, to devote his time and effort to what will become his first independent album, which is planned to leave at the beginning of the year 2015.

Ian Rosewood’s music is a mix of genres and subgenres ranging from country, rockabilly, blues, southern, rock and roll to punk rock. Even so, at the time of composing, the musician is not limited to include some dye of another genre if by covering it he can express what he wants.

Listening to Rosewood’s songs we realize that his lyrics address issues related to feelings that are derived from personal experiences and experiences, from the illusion of a new love, to the loss of it, a trip home, the city that He saw him be born, until the day he lived with a friend, as well as the musician’s own ideology and his way of life.

Feelings such as love and heartbreak, hatred, courage and fears, are present in each of the themes that Ian Rosewood composes and interprets, leaving aside the metaphors to address in a direct and sincere way the subject he intends to express.

“Over time each individual goes through good and bad circumstances, which are worthy of expressing them and I think there is no better way than in a song.”

Ian Rosewood

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