Here we go with the F’ Bombs


Here we go with the F’ Bombs

Here we go dropping F’ Bombs at Rockin’ Route 66. What now?

The F’ Bombs are a rockabilly band from El Paso, TX. Since forming 2012, they have shared the stage with amazing acts such as, Oeke Bickers n, Klm Lens, Star Mountain Dreamers, Lloyd Trlpp, The Bellturles, Just to name a few.

“The opening band in Al Paso tonight was called the F’ Bombs. I was expecting a hardcore punk band with that name. Imagine my surprise——one of the BEST new rockabilly bands I’ve seen in quite some time.”

Oeke had this to say about the band
The F’ Bombs can even be heard in 0eke’s 2012 Tour documentary.

Although the F’ Bombs play ten cover songs, they are an original band who write their own music. From their rockers to their slow love songs, they always get the crowd going. One of their originals, “So Far Away” was featured in a commercial on a local El Paso business.

Each band member has been playing sic tor at least 15 years and their combined knowledge and love of the music gives them a s nd like no other.

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