Video Premiere: The Waymores Cover Hidden Texas Country Gem ‘Bring You Down’


Video Premiere: The Waymores Cover Hidden Texas Country Gem ‘Bring You Down’


photo by: Lindsay Garrett

Atlanta-based duo The Waymores’ 2019 EP Weeds includes a gritty re-imagining of Texas-based songwriter Cole Allen’s “Bring You Down.” The outlaw country, rockabilly, honky-tonk and Americana-crazed duo’s cover now has its own music video, premiering today on Wide Open Country.

“We met Cole Allen in a recording session in East Texas about six years ago,” says Kira Annalise, one-half of the Waymores with Willie Heath Neal. “Our buddy played Cole’s album the whole way to the studio, and right when we heard ‘Bring You Down,’ Willie said, ‘We’re cutting that song! We have to.”

“It took a while for us to wrap back around to it, but we finally worked it up as a duet (with Cole’s approval) and recorded it for our debut album,” Annalise continues. “It’s just one of those songs that we both instantly connected with the songwriting and couldn’t stop listening to it. We love finding those gems. It’s rare in our world that it happens, so when it does we take it seriously.”

For the music video, the group met with Chicken Ranch Records owner Mike Dickinson at Austin’s Gold Rush Vinyl and worked with a director named–get thisMarty Robbins.

“We cleared some pallets and vinyl scrap out of the way for Marty Robbins to create a set for what we think is a really great video,” Annalise adds. “Marty really helped us in letting the song shine.  It’s beautifully written so it was only fitting to have beautifully shot footage behind it.”

In the video, the “Fauxmores,” a makeshift backing band featuring Dickinson on drums, JP Ortiz on bass and Atlanta country mainstay Johnny McGowan on guitar, accompany Neal and Annalise.

Although the Waymores’ tribute to Allen’s songwriting talent carries a solemn feel, such EP tracks as “Dumb Old Dog” remind of us of how classic country artists balanced out their serious material with songs grounded by a little levity.

“Some are heartbreakers, but with the ones that have humor, it’s simply because there’s enough sadness and drama in everyday life,” Annalise told Arts ATL’s Lauren Leathers in 2019. “If we can make you feel anything through our songs, we’ve done our job. And we’ve done it twice as well if that feeling is happiness. Life needs more laughter.”

For the official release go to: https://www.wideopencountry.com/the-waymores-bring-you-down/

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