The Waymores head westward


The Waymores head westward

You’ve heard Outlaws, you’ve heard Damsels, and you’ve heard Rockabilly’s… but you haven’t heard anything like The Waymores yet.

Rockin Route 66
Outlaw legend, Willie Heath Neal

Comprised of Kira Annalise and Willie Heath Neal, The Waymores are the epitome of Acoustic Country Music: He was born in a cop car, lived in and out of foster care, and served in the Navy. She used to get stage fright until she was swept up by his charm and grit, started singing country songs, and never looked back. Now they’re writing songs from the road and bringing their intimate, fun, and quirky one-liner-jabs to venues across the country. The Waymores take what’s real about life and relationships and add music, jokes, and whiskey; it can be beautiful, it can be painful, it can get inappropriate, and it’s completely unrehearsed, unexpected, and dangerously wonderful. Their debut album, Weeds, is scheduled to be released in early 2019 on Chicken Ranch Records out of Austin, TX.

Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise
The Waymores

These two are no strangers to the open road or to New Mexico. During their upcoming summer tour, the duo will break away from their solo performances; Willie Heath Neal and the Damned ol’ Opry and Kira Annalise, the Damsel to perform several festivals and local dive bars throughout the southwest.

The Waymores isn’t a band, it’s a show. A damn fine one at that.
It has been written that Willie would have made any of his outlaw heroes proud, come let him take you back to the days when music had a purpose! Once Willie has you ready to rob banks and steal women , get ready for Kira to break your heart with honky tonk ballads sure to make a grown man cry.

Here is “Matches” off of their latest release, “Weeds” on Chicken Ranch Records, based out of Austin, TX.

For more information and to follow the Waymores, give the a like and look at: https://www.thewaymores.com/ or on facebook.

We will be posting the official schedule in the next couple of weeks to the show on Rockin’ Route 66. Make sure you purchase your tickets today with the special still taking place. This show is anticipated to sell out!

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