Announcing Rockin’ Route 66 for June of 2019 in Tucumcari, New Mexico

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Announcing Rockin’ Route 66 for June of 2019 in Tucumcari, New Mexico

We are proud to announce Rockin’ Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico, the summer of 2019!

The crew of Garage71 & Grease Inc. have been working on a proposal since this past year. Several members of the city approach the crew while working various shows and events throughout New Mexico with the hopes of creating an event celebrating the history of Route 66 in New Mexico. Over the years, Garage71 and Grease Inc. has been in attendance to several local and area festivals. The crew instantly became excited to work on the “Mother Road of America” back in 2015. We mapped out a road trip that would hit places like the birth home of Elvis, to Graceland and Sun Records in Memphis. We made a visit to the original Whataburger and found this amazing “museum” of vintage motorcycles out on a reservation about 1 hour off the traveled roads. We paid our respects to those lost in the Oklahoma City bombing. We made friends in some of the smallest towns forgotten in America, and even stumbled across Shamrock, Texas, where the movie CARS was based and created after. The trip before and after was just as amazing as the events themselves.

Since our recent trips towards the end of 2017, we have proceeded with the application process to host an event in Tucumcari, New Mexico called Rockin Route 66. Through the process, the crew worked hard to provide the City of Tucumcari the best information and over all vision of what is hoped to be a long running and successful festival celebrating New Mexico as well as Route 66.

The town of Tucumcari has a long history on Route 66 and in years prior to the mother road running across the lands. The City of Tucumcari was founded in 1901. Originally named Ragtown, Tucumcari was built because of the railway system. Soon after the city was founded, it was nicknamed Six Shooter Siding due to the large amounts of shootings that occured back in the day. During our think tanks on creating an exciting name for the event, we created several brands using much of the history of Tucumcari before coming up with Rockin Route 66. In 1908, the city was renamed Tucumcari, after Tucumcari Mountain. History is a little vague on how the mountain received its name other than there is a direct relation between the Comanche, specifically a women and her child.

Since the gun fighting days of the wild west, Tucumcari became better known for much of her pop culture and the boom of Route 66. Today many of the infamous hotels still operate including the Blue Swallow Motel, the Roadrunner Lodge Motel, and Motel Safari to name a few. Travelers from all over the world come to travel the highway from Chicago to Santa Monica. Whether on motorcycles or in a classic car, the City of Tucumcari offers some of the best history of Route 66 in the immediate surrounding areas and in town.

Rockin Route 66 will be hosted at the Tucumcari Convention Center and Route 66 Museum beginning Thursday, June 27th and running through Sunday, June 30th in preparations for the 4th of July celebration. The Route 66 festival will showcase several local eateries and locations for day and evening events. On Friday and Saturday, Rockin Route 66 will host to headlining shows featuring national artists with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Route 66 Museum. During the weekend’s event, we will host several of our signature festival additions including a Classic Car and Hot Rod Show, a Vintage and Hand-Build Motorcycle Show, a Pin-Up contest searching for Ms. Rockin Route 66 and our next Rag Doll in Grease Inc. magazine. We will host several celebrity guests and create a fun show where you may interact with our guests. We will have live entertainment all four days and showcase a world famous Side Show act. We will create our Black Collar Markette and Kustom Kulture Art Bizarre. There will even be a fashion show, so everyone can take the moment to check out any style to wear over the weekend, and all items showcase will be available for purchase. Lastly, we want to bring the flavors of New Mexico to the forefront for all the traveling visitors. We are working on including a taste of New Mexico for our food truck convoy and food court area. There is so much to offer from these parts, we want to share as much as possible to all visiting guests.

We are feverishly working on the launch of the website, www.rockinroute66.com and will announce it’s debut when it is at the point of being user friendly and complete. Here you will be able to receive all the information and updates on the event. We will have a link to the headlining shows to purchase your tickets. We will create links to many of the sponsors in the area and local nostalgic motels to place your reservations. We will have an on-line markette to help support this event with some amazing one-of-a-kind merchandise. In the meantime, we have created our social media pages for the quick blasts and updates. You may begin following the story of Rockin Route 66 at facebook and instagram by clicking the links.

We are extremely excited about this opportunity and festival. We look forward to seeing everyone out on Route 66 next summer. Make your plans now for Rockin’ Route 66!!!

If you are interested in sponsoring, vending, or playing the festival, please contact us at info@garage71.com or you may leave a message at the studio line 678-765-7819


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