The Waymores in studio at Garage71’s Hell’s Kitchen

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The Waymores in studio at Garage71’s Hell’s Kitchen

During these unique times, the Waymores had to cancel a UK tour. “It took only 6 seconds to cancel a tour that took 6 months to book, ” says Willie Heath Neal of the Waymores.

The Waymores planned to play some type of virtual show, following the steps of so many other musicians who have had to do the same with cancelling tours and shows across the world.

That’s when the president and GM of Garage71 and Grease Inc., Brian Whitcomb, reached out to Willie and Kira with an idea to support their upcoming show.

Kira Annalise and Willie Heath Neal of the Waymores

You’ve heard Outlaws, you’ve heard Damsels, and you’ve heard Rockabilly’s… but you haven’t heard anything like The Waymores yet.

Comprised of Kira Annalise and Willie Heath Neal, The Waymores are the epitome of Acoustic Country Music: He was born in a cop car, lived in and out of foster care, and served in the Navy. She used to get stage fright until she was swept up by his charm and grit, started singing country songs, and never looked back. Now they’re writing songs from the road and bringing their intimate, fun, and quirky one-liner-jabs to venues across the country.

The Waymores take what’s real about life and relationships and add music, jokes, and whiskey; it can be beautiful, it can be painful, it can get inappropriate, and it’s completely unrehearsed, unexpected, and dangerously wonderful. Their debut album, Weeds, is scheduled to be released in early 2019 on Chicken Ranch Records out of Austin, TX.

In studio performance in Hell’s Kitchen at Garage71 Studios

So, when Brian heard the news of the choice to create an on-line substitute for their cancelled tour, he reached out to Willie and offered some ideas. “The canvas of the world is changing very fast right now. Let’s paint a picture that is positive and uplifting”, said Whitcomb of Garage71.

As a result, Whitcomb pulled some old resources and some new, to create what they hope as a great option for a location to perform from as well as some additional tech support. “Our goal is to bring the performance experience into the homes of the Waymores’ fans.”

Most performances have all been placed on permanent hold until the virus pandemic plays out. With all events that entertain to a group of ten or more people in an audience, from large to small, shows have either chosen to cancel or reschedule. Consequently, this has created a new approach to providing entertainment as well an option for performers, like the Waymores, to raise donations and tips through various apps.

This Friday at 6:15PM, eastern standard time, the Waymores will be performing live in studio at Garage71 Studios. The show is sponsored by Hellbender Harley-Davidson, a partner of Garage71 & Grease Inc. The time was discussed on-line with fans of the band both here in the states and in the UK. Willie said, “We wanted to provide entertainment to our entire audience at a time that is good for them.”

Therefore, the Waymores came up with the Friday performance to kick off everyone’s quarantined weekend. So, kick back and tune in from any device. If you are on a mobile app, make sure to go to the Waymores FB page. If you are on a laptop or have a desktop to view the show, you may tune in on Grease Inc. On the home page, you can already see where you’ll be viewing the performance, plus you may expand it to a full screen for better viewing.

Rockin Route 66 Festival

The Waymores are scheduled to plan the Rockin Route 66 Festival this June 25th – 28th. The festival is still a go for this summer on historic Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM. The festival is a production by Garage71 and Grease Inc. celebrating the Americana lifestyle that is slowly fading away like old glory.

Consequently, the times we are faced today are different from just a few weeks ago. As a result of that, we look forward to Friday and to bring you a performance that we will all enjoy and get away for a on-line Happy Hour.

Therefore, lets all plan to pour a glass of your favorite cocktail, kick back with your partner. Take a listen and watch this live performance like it is in your home or back deck. Spread the word and links to the listening party this week. It’s about supporting each other. It’s about holding each other up. It’s about a kulture and never allowing it to die, no matter the times…

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