Rockin Route 66’s Livestream was a huge success

Slim and the Gems performing at Rockin Route 66 Livestream
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Rockin Route 66’s Livestream was a huge success

The producer of Rockin Route 66, Brian L. Whitcomb, and crew decided back in May that they would launch a livestream production of the festival. This choice was created due to the fact the festival, along with so many others, have been cancelled nationwide.

As a result, the livestream concert was scheduled for Saturday, June 27th, 2020. The location ended up at the Garage71 Studios in Marietta, Georgia. However, showcasing a festival virtually was the new challenge.

“We wanted to created something memorable. We needed to create something special. This was important to us, as many bands have not performed all year, We wanted this to be dedicated to the people of Tucumcari.”

Brian Whitcomb, Producer of Rockin Route 66

The Line-Up of Rockin Route 66 Livestream

The line-up consisted of bands that have performed in the past at Rockin Route 66, and others that were scheduled to play this year. As a result of timing, travel, and working within guidelines of various states, Rockin Route 66 created their on-line entertainment line-up. The line-up included: The Waymores, Atomic Boogie, Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys, and Slim and the Gems.

Subsequently, following the four hour production, the crew has gone back into the studio to break down all the footage into 4 segments.

“We want to allow fans of each band an easy way to locate their performance. Though, we highly encourage to watch all segments or view the entire concert in it’s entirety, this allows for easier viewing.”

Brian Whitcomb, Producer of Rockin Route 66

The livestream concert was viewed and captured over 11k times through various outlets, and commented nearly 2k times. The launch was streamed to various Facebook locations, the Grease Inc. and Rockin Route 66 websites, Vimeo, and on YouTube. There were viewers watching throughout the country with hot spots like Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Our international hot spots included places like Australia, Belgium, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, and Brazil to name a few.

“This livestream by far has been our best received to date. We have enjoyed great success in past streams from in studio to events like Ink-n-Oil, but Rockin Route 66 has been the best. We made several upgrades to our services and the results show. Thank you all who tuned in…”

Brian Whitcomb, Producer of Rockin Route 66

What is to come in 2021?

Most importantly, the livestream was to ensure the team continued to brand Rockin Route 66, plus expose Tucumcari, to enthusiastic travelers. Consequently, with the pandemic, many festivals will not return in 2021. This is not the anticipation from the crew of Rockin’ Route 66. The headliners have been picked and announced for 2021. These will include: Linda Gail Lewis, Rosie Flores, and the Rockats.

“We wanted to bring some nostalgic and iconic names to Tucumcari in 2021. Next year is the 95th anniversary of Route 66, and the line-up will represent the iconic highway well.”

Rev. Andy Hawley of Garage71 radio

Listening Party

In addition to the livestream, several local businesses in Tucumcari, plus others around the country, created viewing parties. Believe it or not, but we even have travelers that maintained their 2020 reservation, and viewed the livestream in Tucumcari. This was such an amazing story to hear.

“Sam” watching the Rockin Route 66 livestream at Motel Safari in Tucumcari, New Mexico

It was announced the week of the concert that the livestream will be available on YouTube. Subsequently, this made it easier for participants to view on devices like smart TV’s. In short, the Grease Inc. and Garage71 channel was the best method to view the stream during the concert event.

Historic Odeon Theater

One plan was to air the livestream concert at the historic Odeon Theater. The theater has been a sponsor of Rockin Route 66, and would be a great location. With the restrictions still in place, it was best not to take any chances. The owners of the Odeon are amazing people, but it was a better decision to keep crowds smaller. In short, the Odeon will again be included in 2021 for Rockin Route 66. The crew is working on more creative planning for locations like the Odeon to be more involved in the festival.

What’s Next?

In conclusion, the Rockin Route 66 producer and team are right back to planning and mapping out 2021. The dates are set for June 24th-27th, 2021 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Many of the motels, including Motel Safari and the Roadrunner Lodge, are reserving rooms for the festival now. The festival plans to return with many of the favorite activities. This includes events like: the traditional rod and vintage bike show, the Miss Rockin Route 66 pin up contest sponsored by Michelada Bloody Mary Mix, the V-8 Lounge after parties, and the Freaky Tiki Sunday afternoon Luau. In addition, the crew is planning on a few new additions, and will announce as they can confirm.

The Full Length Livestream Concert

Rockin Route 66 2021

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In close we want to thank our supporting sponsors for this year’s Rockin Route 66: Motel Safari, Roadrunner Lodge, and Twang’s Michelada Bloody Mary Mix. A portion of the Rockin Route 66 festival is provided by funding approved and provided by Tucumcari’s Lodgers Tax Board.

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