Rockin Route 66 scheduled for the 95th Anniversary of Route 66

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Rockin Route 66 scheduled for the 95th Anniversary of Route 66

This past Thursday evening, the City of Tucumcari, New Mexico, unanimously voted yes to the return of Rockin’ Route 66 in 2021. This begins the official planning as the producers of the festival work feverishly on this year’s event.

Recently, Brian L. Whitcomb, the producer of Rockin’ Route 66, made a trip to Tucumcari. Whitcomb, presented plans for 2021 to a panel of Lodger’s Tax Board appointees as well as a representative of City Counsel. The panel was reduced in size to meet current guidelines, but was also streamed on-line so others may watch and interact.

“Our goal is to work with the City of Tucucmari long-term. The 95th anniversary of Route 66 is next year. We want to be ready and support the city of Tucucmari any way we can.”

Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb of Rockin Route 66
HeadCat 13, headlining 2020, wrote this song, Rockin’ Route 66 for the festival

As a result of the initial meeting, the Lodgers Tax Board voted unanimously to move forward and continue to support Rockin’ Route 66. The festival creates a tourist based Rock n Roll weekender festival. The dates scheduled are June 24th – 27th, 2021. In other words, this will remain the in-line with past years to fall on the last weekend in June.

The crew of Garage71 and Grease Inc. already have plans to announce the headliners for the 95th anniversary iconic Route 66. They will be announcing this at the anticipated festival in just a few weeks.

Ms. Kimber Vongore of Always Pretty by Kimber
Photography by Brooklyn Brat Photography

Above all, this coming year will be the year to make Route 66 your very own epic road trip. We already know of several build projects taking place during the “shutdown”. These projects are specific to ensure a long haul from the East to the West will happen.

The Great American Road Trip

That is to say we have come up with a great road trip and fun challenge for anyone to enjoy.

The Great American Road Trip was created from a 50’s phrase when it came to traveling Route 66 in years past. Whether creating a caravan of Air Streams or venturing off on your own, Route 66 was the Mother Road that took you cross country and through the heartbeat of America.”

Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb

You can read all about the trip and our crew’s suggestions on stops we fell in love with at Great American Road Trip. Also, make sure you sign up for the fun challenge and who knows, we might even recognize you at the festival in 2021.

There will be several updates coming out about this year’s festival over the next couple of weeks. First, we want to wish everyone that has been affected by any portion of this pandemic our deepest support. This has been one ride that we believe will end well. We know there has been some loss. Many of our entertainers have been dramatically impacted by cancelled tours, gigs, and more.

Our initial focus was to announce the exciting news about 2021. As a result of the decision to continue to work with our staff, we are working on log-term goals as we are on a fast road to the 100 year anniversary of Route 66.

Make sure you follow us on our social media outlets, as well as share with everyone you know about the 2021 dates. You can always like us Facebook and follow us on Instagram. We will continue to engage with you through these current times.

In short, we have been working hard to stay positive and supportive in these times. Here is a great example of what can happen when you work with some amazing people in hard times. Here the Waymores played an in-studio performance in Hell’s Kitchen. This is just one of many things we are doing during our quarantine.

Start planning now for June 2021!!! You’re get more than just your kicks on Route 66 at the 95th anniversary….

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