Postagram, combining nostalgia with current trends

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Postagram, combining nostalgia with current trends

So this has to be one of the most creative and interactive promotions we have ever done, and it’s available at Rockin’ Route 66…
What you see here is a sample of our Rockin’ Route 66 postcard, available at our merch booth. But, what the kool part is we have created an 8′ x 8′ version of this card in conjunction with our sponsor, Postagram.
Now, here we hope people take hundreds of selfies and post away on social media. When you do so, we are asking that you tag everything with #rockinroute66

That said, here is even the kooler part. You can follow these simple steps listed below, and Postagram will then create for you a one of a kind postcard, with a note from you, and mail it out to whoever you address it to.
Postagram can and will do this with actually any picture you email them or text them. It’s that simple and only $1.25 per postcard. What we think is so awesome, is it combines current day trends, where we are asking everyone to take a selfie, then post it on-line. But, then you can create one of the koolest nostalgic ideas, by sending a one-of-a-kind to someone back home, the kids being watched by the grandparents while your away, or even send to yourself as a keepsake.

You can send Postagram any of your favorite pictures, and you can create several different cards. The creations are endless, and it’s all about combining nostalgic postcard collection, while combining today’s technology…

Here are the simple steps anyone can follow:

*Sending a PostaGram*Take Selfie in front of Rockin’ Route 66 Postagram “Post Card” or yourfavorite photo at Rockin’ Route 66Text photo and message to 325-208-1690 OR email photo and message torockinroute66@postagram.com <mailto:rockinroute66@postagram.com>

*Sharing the Contact Address*Update phone contact Address and Share that contact to either325-208-1690 or rockinroute66@postagram.com<mailto:rockinroute66@postagram.com>note: Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip need to be correct

*Help and information*First three postcards are Free! Further cards are only $1.25Postcards are print and mailed first class via US Postal Service.Just a fun nostalgic way to say, “Hey, we are here at Rockin’ Route 66”

*PostaGram Support (478) 461-4955 Cell/Text

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