Meet Ms. Chauntay Love

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Meet Ms. Chauntay Love

Hello! Anpetu Wasté Good Afternoon My name is Chauntay American Horse or Ms.Chauntay Love I proudly represent the Pueblo Of Acoma located along the Historic route 66 as well as the Hopi Tribe of northern Arizona and proud member of the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota band of South Dakota. I am 21 years old from Albuquerque New Mexico. I am also a student at Central New Mexico Community college studying for human resources and drug counseling.

Hobbies: I love helping my community here in Albuquerque and on Tribal Lands. I stand for the protection of our water and sacred lands. I love to express my style with vintage vibes inspired by my grandmothers with a touch of traditional flare.

Companies/Brands/Promotions You Have Modeled: none yet, except for my mother’s clothing line New Sun Sage for a small event

Fun Facts About You?: I love to dance, and loves to eat as much Chile as I can get!

Why Do You Want To Be Ms. Rockin Route 66?: Being Ms. Rockin Route 66 will show that Native Women can be Pin Ups too! Not only will this be a great opportunity to open new doors for me but for other Indigenous women and girls who share the same love and interests for vintage lifestyle as I do. Even if I don’t win at all it would be a huge honor to share the stage with amazing women who I look up to for inspiration and leave with a life long sisterhood.

Place your vote by going to: https://www.facebook.com/rockinroute66/

Please like and place a comment for your support. *Though the total like and votes do not determine the Top 10 finalists, they DO persuade the internal judging. This is about a community and to assist in the search for Ms. Rockin Route 66, who will represent the festival in 2020.

Top 10 finalists will be announced on Psychobilly Freakout, Monday, May 6th, 2019 by Rev. Andy on Garage71 radio, your American Radio Revolution. On May 7th, the Top 10 finalist will be announced on Rockin Route 66 and on social media. To tune into one of the longest running Psychobilly & Rockabilly radio shows worldwide, go to: http://www.garage71.net/ or you can listen in on any device by downloading the TuneIn app: https://tunein.com/

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