Grease Inc. Issue #124 is released

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Grease Inc. Issue #124 is released

So the year is off at Grease Inc. to a frantic but healthy start. It seems so many people are polarized these days instead of continuing to focus on their local communities, family, friends, and personal growth. We hope, as we all get into warmer weather, and out of our winter hibernating rutt, we can all get out and reconnect. And, that’s what the year 2020 is about for us at Grease Inc.

Ms. Tori Rodriguez, this month’s Rag Doll
Photography by Brooklyn Brat Photography

We have moved the studio over the insane holiday season. We are now in a 60’s diner we call Hell’s Kitchen in Marietta, GA, just a few miles away from the Big Chicken and the Marietta Diner. This location is in a local hub for us, and we are very excited to be here. Our immediate neighbors are Hellbender Harley-Davidson, who we have work with for years. The move was a great decision, and after much behind the scenes detailing, we are getting ready for the upcoming year.

This issue covers our annual Ink n Oil awards for 2019. We want to thank everyone for their contributions in support of local kustom kulture businesses and brands. This is a great issue packed with many returning acknowledgements as well as some new. Unfortunately, there is one location on the list that the local community is saying good bye to after decades of memories and playing a role in the southeast’s underground music scene.

The transition into our new location we have shifted some rides and are working at getting all of them on the road for this year, including our old girl, Bessie, the 1960 Ford Panel truck. We just traded with Southern Fried on a 27′ Roadster for our 60’s slammed Ford F100. We are looking forward to warmer for sure to role out in this old girl… Thanks to Skeeter for working with us on all these side projects and Matt in service at Hellbender Harley-Davidson. We will keep things posted and updated on social media so you can check out all the progress.

What? You are not connected to us? You got to connect on Instagram and Facebook now so you can see all the upcoming events as we announce as well as all the killer new projects we plan to launch this year, including the dashboard Confessional series.

Make to like us:https://www.instagram.com/greaseinc/ https://www.facebook.com/greaseincmagazine/

Well, kick back and enjoy this issue. This one is packed full of some great articles and announcements including the Vagabond Side Show coming to Anderson, SC at Timms Harley-Davidson this spring with the Muckers and the Sideburners. It’s a lifestyle and who we are. Give us a follow and let us know when you have something going on in your area. Who knows, we just might roll in and be a part of it…

Grease Inc. Kustom Kulture Magazine
Issue #124

Read the entire issue of Grease Inc. on-line by clicking here.

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