Ms. Rockin Route 66 Festival Pin Up Contest

Michelada Cocktail Mix presents

Ms. Rockin Route 66 Pin Up Contest 2020

Grease Inc. has celebrated the Kustom Kulture since it’s inception over 10+ years ago. From the beginning, the heart and soul of our

Kulture are the strong beautiful women who make all of us, “Greasers”, look good.

Well Rockin Route 66 is the best location to appreciated and celebrate the ladies and being able to showcase their beauty on Route 66 only makes it that much better!


Ms. Meghi Misfit, named Ms. Rockin’ Route 66 2019 Shot at Route 66 Museum, Tucumcari, NM Photography by Brooklyn Brat Photography

We are looking for ladies who represent the lifestyle and kulture with a little touch of class and a whole lot of sass!!! Here we are searching for upcoming features in Grease Inc. and represent what it truly means to be a Rag Doll. Our featured ladies were inspired while looking back at a picture of our grandparents while looking all dapper, cruising around on their ’48 Indian. Our grandmother’s smile was so big and full of life! She was the strong women who help make our grandfather the man we all looked up to. Those are big shoes to fill…

We will be featuring the winner of the contest with various brands of our sponsors. Ms. Rockin Route 66 will have the responsibility to assist in the next year’s promotions and represent Rockin Route 66 with tradition and style. We will award Ms. Rockin Route 66 with the prestigious name of our most respected title with highlighting Route 66 and the history behind the Mother Road.

We are extremely excited to add to this year’s contest, that Ms. Rockin’ Route 66 will be the Root Beer bottle girl for the Rockin’ Route 66 special edition bottle for Mother Road Sodas. That’s right! We are creating a limited series partnership with Mother Road Soda, and Ms. Rockin’ Route 66 will be featured on the Root Beer bottle for 2021.

Mother Road Sodas will be launching on Route 66 this year, and Rockin’ Route 66 will be their New Mexico launch location. “Root Beer Larry” has come out of his luxurious retirement to hang out with all of us at Rockin’ Route 66. He will play a roll in the next several years at the festival. We will be working with Larry and Mother Road Soda to create fun and exciting labels in the future featuring our amazing pin-ups, and the lifestyle of Route 66.

We will be featuring troupes of Pin Up groups coast to coast. This will be a great time for ladies to share ideas and tips from East to West. Grease Inc.’s very own Ms. Buttercream Betty will be your host of the contest. Ms. Buttercream writes a featured article, Bombshell Vanity, each month featuring designers, products, hair and makeup tips, and so much more. She is the sweetest gal and knows what it means to be part of the Grease Inc. family and hold the name Rag Doll respectfully and with attitude!

Rockin Route 66 Pin Up Registration Form

click the pink link above for registration form*

Registration begins February 29th, 2020

*Pin Up Submissions will be approved before posting to the website or any social media to avoid chances of spam and false entries. Please be patient for entries to be updated on the sites.

Please read the information on rules and requirements carefully before applying.

The public may begin voting on any posted finalists. Public may influence Rockin Route 66 Festival in final selections, but does not guarantee an awarded top 10 participant in the contest. Public voting will close on April 15th, 2020 and announced in May 6th, 2020 on Psychobilly Freakout with Rev. Andy on Garage71 radio for the top 10 ladies for a guaranteed spot. There will be one more round open for potential Ms. Rockin Route 66 contestants on Friday, June 26th, during  the festival where we will pick an additional 10 ladies for the finals on Saturday, June 27th, 2020. There will be a designated location announced for ladies to meet Ms. Buttercream Bettie. Friday night during the headlining show, the additional 10 ladies will be announced on the Motel Safari Main Stage. All ladies who have signed up for the contest, including the Top 10 early choices will be required to be present at the Friday night show. The ladies will be introduced to all attendees at Rockin Route 66,  Saturday evening and announce who is Ms. Rockin Route 66 during the headline performances, brought to by Michelada’s Pin Up Contest.

Here is the schedule for submissions and announcements

  • February 29th, 2020 Pin Up Submissions Open
  • April 15th, 2020 Pin Up Submissions Closes
  • May 6th, 2020, on Psychobilly Freakout with Rev. Andy, Rockin Route 66’s 10 finalists of the on-line contest will be announced.
  • June 28th, 2019, at the Rockin Route 66 Festival, the Pin-Up contest will be open to an additional 10 ladies

Finalist will be reviewed in areas of Hobbies, Bio, Fun Facts, and why they would like to represent Rockin Route 66 until 2021.

Rules for Online Entry:

  • All contestants MUST be 21 and over
  • All finalists must attend Rockin Route 66 Festival
  • All contestants must send a photograph releasing all rights for use to Hot Pan Productions, Inc, and all affiliates
  • Do not send nudes or photographs of sexual content
  • All contestants must have a social media page and/or professional website
  • Contestants must present themselves at all times as required by Rockin Route 66 (details will be forwarded to contestants)(choosing not to be present will automatically disqualify you for Ms. Rockin Route 66)
  • The winner will play a huge roll in the 2021 promotions for Rockin Route 66 and be required to attend the 2021 festival to award the upcoming future Ms. Rockin Route 66.
  • The winner of Ms. Rockin Route 66 will have a complete Rag Doll spread in Grease Inc. magazine in the May/June issue of 2021 created and shot by Brooklyn Brat Photography on location.

We emulate Pin Ups in our kulture. There is no specific look or style, as we search for the modern day twist on the girl pinned to the visor of the hot rod cruising down the strip or on the control deck of the tank going off to war. This is class at it’s best.

We will be asking the attendees of Rockin Route 66 to participate in the voting process on Saturday, June 27th. We will have tickets available to cast your vote at the event. The top five ladies will be announced and request to come on stage during the headlining show, Saturday evening. We will announce the 2nd and 1st runner up, followed by announcing Ms. Rockin Route 66 of 2020 sponsored by Michelada Cocktail Mix.

We will have a hand selected group of official judges for the pin up contest that will be unveiled prior to the festival.

*All registered contestants and finalists will receive a special gift bag including a Rockin Route 66 limited series umbrella. * Contestants are required to purchase their tickets to the concerts Friday and Saturday night at Rockin Route 66 Festival.

All participants will receive a gift bag courtesy of our sponsors*

To sponsor this event please email


Mommy and Me Pin Up Contest

You can go to the Rockin Route 66 information desk to be directed where you can register at the event.  Registration will begin on Friday. We encourage you to sign up on Friday as we will have a to cut off contestant count to 12 families.

Registration will be held at Rockin Route 66*

*We want to encourage Mommies to come out with their little ones. We will hold a portion of the show on Saturday, June 29th, to the next generation of the Kustom Kulture and their mommies. Children must accompany their mom in the contest. Children must be 13 years or younger. We are looking for boys and girls to participate. This is where we truly celebrate our kulture. This is one of the few shows that allows us to include the entire family, and that is a valuable and exciting position to be in. Family is everything!

The theme is to have fun with celebrating pinups and greasers. Whatever your style, your kids should complement their mommies and have some fun.

We will have a gift for each child participating in the Mommy and Me portion of the show and will be awarding one Mom and child/children with a photo shoot while out at Rockin Route 66. The shoot will be used in an upcoming issue release of Grease Inc. magazine, and a copy of the set of 5 professional pictures will be provided to the lucky mom. The release of the Mommy and Me winner will be placed in May issue of Grease Inc. in 2021 celebrating Mother’s Day and the mothers of the Kustom Kulture.