Meet Ms. Malice Mae


Meet Ms. Malice Mae

I’m something spicy and something sweet, all rolled up in a pint sized pinup package! My favorite hobby is laughing until my tummy hurts AND I’m jokester who loves making others laugh too! Loud ..proud..and a hoot to be around, my favorite part about pinup competitions is naturally just being on stage and interacting with the crowd. I’ve been competing in pinup for a year now , and I have loved EVERY minute of it !!! From meeting other inspirational self-loving women, to hanging out at carshows on sunny days, I finally feel like I fit in!! I have met people all across the Country and Ii hope to join you folks and meet some more.

Ms. Malice Mae from St. Louis

Hobbies: Being fashionably late, travel travel travel, coming up with great puns , and snuggling my puppy baby

Companies/Brands/Promotions You Have Modeled: I haven’t had the opportunity yet to model for a company, but I have had a few spreads in rocket magazine

Fun Facts About You?: I have no idea how many tattoos I have at this point , I hate orange flavored stuff,..(candy koolaid etc) I’ve been to 6 diff countries in the last 2 years, and ALL over the US. I was a nerd in high school lol

Why Do You Want To Be Ms. Rockin Route 66?: I not only will represent the glamorous part of being a pinup , but I’m also super friendly and supportive of the other gals . I’m the type of lady that loves to meet new people and explore different rockabilly car club and pinup communities. I love the confidence I gained from pinup and I want nothing more than to share this with others!

Place your vote by going to: https://www.facebook.com/rockinroute66/

Please like and place a comment for your support. *Though the total like and votes do not determine the Top 10 finalists, they DO persuade the internal judging. This is about a community and to assist in the search for Ms. Rockin Route 66, who will represent the festival in 2020.

Top 10 finalists will be announced on Psychobilly Freakout, Monday, May 6th, 2019 by Rev. Andy on Garage71 radio, your American Radio Revolution. On May 7th, the Top 10 finalist will be announced on Rockin Route 66 and on social media. To tune into one of the longest running Psychobilly & Rockabilly radio shows worldwide, go to: http://www.garage71.net/ or you can listen in on any device by downloading the TuneIn app: https://tunein.com/

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