Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys Kickstarter Project

Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys playing Rockin Route 66
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Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys Kickstarter Project

In today’s dynamic, the challenge to keep music alive and flourishing is extremely difficult for bands. It’s not because bands do not want to play, it’s because of the continued conflict of being “allowed” to play. That said, the routine music lover may or perhaps may not notice all the subtle changes in the current music industry.

Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys livestream performance at Rockin Route 66

Consequently, livestream performances have recently dominated the music opportunities for bands. This is to combat the massive losses of cancelled gigs worldwide. Festivals, including Rockin Route 66, have turned to livestream capabilities to share music and experiences.

However, some bands and artists are adapting. Many are using this time to write new material and record new albums.

Now, 14 days left to fund, Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys have launched a kickstarter project to assist them in a new album.

“We are so excited to FINALLY be hitting the studio in July for our 3rd album!  We’ll be recording at Memphis Magnetic a fully vintage ANALOG studio!!  The album will have 13 songs. 11 brand spanking new original tunes plus a remix of a couple of Jane’s fan favorites. The LEGENDARY Chris Casello is teaming up with Jane to produce a album that is sure to leave you breathless and hitting repeat!  We CANNOT wait to bring these songs to you!!”

Jane Rose from their Kickstarter campaign


Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys are a Nashville based rockabilly/rhythm & blues band. Who is Jane Rose? She’s a Power house vocalist, front lady & an officially endorsed Gretsch guitar artist, backed up by The Deadend Boys who are comprised of some of Nashville’s finest musicians. Together, they have been going strong since the band was founded in 2010. 

Jane is also the primary song writer/composer of the band and plays a mean rhythm guitar. They currently have 2 albums released: Poultricide – Released in 2010 and Damaged Goods – Released in 2014. You can find their music online on all of your favorite music streaming services and they also tour as often as possible playing all venues, car shows and festivals!

“For those of you who don’t know us, we are Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys. A Rockabilly/Blues band from Nashville TN.  Our music is inspired by the greatest Blues and Rockabilly artists from the 50s & 60s thru to some of today’s modern day icons.”

Jane Rose from her Kickstarter project “Over It” album


The goal is raise $3300 by August 6, 2020. If the goal is not 100% funded by the due date, the band will not receive any monies towards their album project.

“Ok, our biggest hurdle is reaching this $3300 goal. We’ve got the musicians, the studio and the songs… We just need this little extra bit. As live shows are very limited right now, so is our budget and we are fully aware this has impacted so many. We respectfully ask you for your support to finish this project and get you new music. 2020 has been a hard year for so many, please help us get this new music out so we that can help you get through the hard times. Music Heals and Bridges Gaps.”

Jane Rose from her Kickstarter project “Over It” album

How to HELP

Click here to go directly to Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys Kickstarter project. Read all the updates provided. Also, read about the bands responsibilities. There are safe guards to protect you when donating to any organization. After you read their story and requirements, click Back this Project.

When you click the tab, you will see all the various donation requests. In addition, you will also see supporting materials that a donation level will receive. Your donation may be a small as $5, and as large as the Big Bada Boom for $1200 or more.

The Big Bada Boom includes:

A live show within a 350 mile radius of Nashville, TN. Beyond 350 miles you’d need to pay the travel expenses..ie gas or motel if needed. Autographed Copy of “Over It”, Special “Over It” Tee + a special thank you in our liner notes.

  • “Over It” Sticker
  • Autographed “Over It” CD
  • Special Limited Edition Tee Shirt
  • Thank You Card
  • Liner Notes THANK YOU
  • Live Concert with 350 Miles of Nashville, TN.
  • Autographed photo of Jane Rose

What’s the Future?

What’s the future of music if the country remains “closed”? Has anyone really thought this completely through? The opinions flood social media, both positive and negative comments. It is nearly impossible to filter through what is real information and false information. That said, social media has been a great source for musicians to use to expose potential new listeners. Now, many people are turning social media off because of the negative “press” and the overwhelming feeds of negative and misleading information.

Meanwhile bands like Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys are working to pursue goals and prepare themselves when the country does reopen.

JaneRose at Rockin Route 66

You may always tune in and listen to Garage71 radio to catch some of Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys’ material. The station can be found on-line and also on the TuneIn app, which is free to download on any device including Amazon Alexa. Here you can listen to a station that is all about the Kustom Kulture lifestyle. For the last 10+ years, Garage71 has brought you shows including Psychobilly Freakout, the JunkYard, EAV Rudio, and more.

We look forward to the completion of “Over It” and look forward to continuing to support local and original music. No matter what the future holds, realize that music plays a role to keep the spirit alive. In conclusion, we must continue to support local artists and businesses. We look forward to the fall release of the album and having Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys return to their cancelled tour in 2021 and beyond…

Rockin Route 66 2021
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