A thank you to the crew behind Rockin’ Route 66

Kustom Kulture , Route 66

A thank you to the crew behind Rockin’ Route 66

Now that the crew is back, we sure are missing all the great things Tucumcari, New Mexico, and Route66 have to offer. The road back east is long, but we got to all share some amazing stories. Whether it was about all the kool stops and hidden secret locations along the way, or whether it was a story about a particular portion of the festival at Rockin’ Route 66, the crew had just as much of a good time as those who were in attendance.

We could go on for days about so many little fun things or adventures each of us had on this great wild ride on Route 66, but there are some staff thank you’s in order…

First and foremost, thank you to Mailman and Mailbox, aka Kevin and Cheryl. These two were some of the best behind the scenes ‘partners’ anyone can ask for. From 3AM road trips to tv appearances, to almost getting blown down Route 66 while attempting to hang a street banner, these two were right there for it all… We have traveled many trips together to big shows like the Smoke Out, Sturgis, and the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD, but nothing compared to the bond we created this trip.


Next on the list is “mom”. Mom came into town ready to rock n’ roll… from running the station on Route 66, to managing the front door, she rocks it like no other. Reliving he carnival days, she got into her groove quickly. Mom totally dug the town and relived some great memories through the sounds of all the great music. She just had a few requests that weekend, which was to watch Phil Rocker and Kitty Rose and the Rattlers. I think we managed that pretty darn good…

Next is our amazing sound guy “Rockin’ Rob”. It has been a pleasure to work with you over almost a decade. You once again did an amazing job working with all the entertainment, as well as the various set-ups from the Motel Safari Main Stage to all the satellite locations. The ideas and layouts were outstanding, and the feedback just that much more… until the next rodeo, wherever that may be for us. Included on the sound team and stage crew would be our ambassador to all we do when it comes to entertainers, and that is a brother from another mother, Stretch. Stretch has been a life long friend and stand up brother for decades. He knows the industry well, and people even better. Between Rob and Stretch, the entertainment had all questions handled from every aspect of behind the scenes… Stretch, I can not see a show ever without you a part of it. Thank you for decades of laughs and to many more…

The behind the scenes crew is thick with photographers, videographers, retail and green help, to managing and assisting with the gorgeous pin-ups and making sure they were all taken care of. We want to thank our amazing photographers Scott Adams and Tara Leavitt. Each has their own amazing style and focus. We will be sharing with you some great material down the road in segments, plus much will be used in upcoming features in Grease Inc. magazine. Next, our videographer, Chris DiGanci of Psychoholic Extravaganza and The Rockabilly Arts. We have already released a small tease of the trip itself with part two coming out soon. Later, we will then share the ‘official’ Rockin’ Route 66 video for a great tribute to an amazing show… Included on the behind the scenes team is Ms. Paula and Skye LaValley, who amped up our style at the Grease Inc. booth all weekend long. Paula has been a part of the crew for some time now and has a way with people… I’m sure to see her next year riding out on two wheels rather than four, but that’s ok. That’s why we have a big truck and trailer…

Chris DiGanci of Psychobilly Extravaganza on Garage71

More of the support and extended family of the crew includes Kimber Portman and Joshua Hudson, both of which threw it down when comes to either being a barber or taking care of the ladies with hair and make-up. Our traveling bar team with Britney Moore and Tyler Hudson, I can’t see us ever not having either of you around. Not only do you take care of all the guests, but you also are always so supportive to the entire crew. We got the pleasure to bring along a new recruit, Ms. Lauren. Well, you made it back in one piece and had some damn good stories to tell, so I guess this means you made it through the SCM anniciation.

Lastly, I need to thank our hosts for the weekend. Ms. Buttercream Bettie, you are always an amazing sweetheart and true to your ladies and the kulture. Between you and Joey, you made all the ladies feel comfortable and put on an amazing line-up of some of the most talented and sweet ladies who all represented Route 66 to the fullest. To all the great things we do together…

The Right Rev. Andy of Garage71 Radio, Rockin’ Route 66’s host

And to the amazing “Right Rev. Andy” of Garage71’s Psychobilly Freakout. You were a rock star this week. From radio appearances to late night after-parties, you were the host that was a part of every aspect of the show. We have long enjoyed your inclusion since day one on Garage71 radio and the launch of Grease Inc. Here is to many more years “rockin” out on Route 66 with all our amazing supporters worldwide. This weekend made it all come together with that moment where it all makes sense… Can’t wait to do it all over again!

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