Rockin Route 66 Entertainment Line-Up

We are now accepting submissions for considerations for Rockin Route 66. Please send us a press release, youtube link(s), and three MP3’s to

We will be listing all acts here as they are booked for the upcoming Rockin Route 66 festival. We will be featuring artists from around the globe highlighting genres heard on Route 66 for decades including: Blues, Swing, Ska, and good old Rock n Roll. We are excited of who we have already spoken with, as we are working hard to bring a diverse line-up to Rockin Route 66 for years to come!

Entertainment and acts will perform at various locations on Route 66 throughout Tucumcari during the festival. Make sure you check out the schedule, and also during the festival, pick-up a copy of Grease Inc., where we will have the official Rockin’ Route 66 program, area map, and sponsors listed.

*We will respectfully will decline any tribute bands at this time. We are looking for original music and bands. We clearly understand there are era songs that are covered or “remade” to the style of an act. We are not looking at cover bands or tribute bands of any kind for this particular festival. Thank you in advance for any interest and understanding.


HEADCAT 13 Headline Rockin’ Route 66, June 2020 Festival, Tucumcari, New Mexico

In 1999 Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, Slim Jim Phantomfrom the Stray Catsand Danny B. Harveyfrom The Rockats, went into the studio to record an Elvis Presley track with Johnny Ramone for an Elvis Tribute Album Danny B. was producing for Cleopatra Records. After cutting a song with Johnny Ramone they decided to record two more songs as a trio and the results were so good decided to form a band and play and record all their favorite rock’n’roll songs for the good old days, Headcat was born!

Danny B. Harvey and Lemmy Kilmister

Their first album “Fool’s Paradise, named after the Buddy Holly song they recorded on the album. contained 9 Buddy Holly songs as well as an instrumental version of Buddy’s song “True Love Ways.For the next 15 years Headcat performed live all over the world, whenever Lemmy could get away from megatours with Motorhead and Danny B and Slim Jim were both free. During that time they recorded 2 albums and filmed a live DVD, rocking on Sunset Strip. In December 2015 Lemmy passed away at the age of 70 years old, two weeks after playing his last show with Headcat.

In the following 3 years after his passing Headcat continued, first with David Vincent filling in on vocals bass and now with Danny B. Harvey taking over leadership. Danny B. recently changed the band name to Headcat 13 out of respect for Lemmy Kilmister and to distinguish between Headcat era with Lemmy and Headcat without. Rest assured The spirit, vision and songlist the same and the band sounds better than ever.Danny B. Harvey & Headcat 13 is very excited about being invited to play The Winter Dance Party at Surf Ballroom in 2020 and will pull out all the stops,

Rock’n’Roll Forever

Former guitarist, Danny B. Harvey, from Lemmy’s Rockabilly band Headcat and his new band, HEADCAT 13, dedicated to carrying on their tradition and legacy. On this recording Danny B has joined forces with Lemmy’s longtime mate Alan “Boomer” Davey, one of Lemmy’s dearest friends and his replacement in Hawkwind, and “Too Tall Paul” Vezelis from The Frantic Flattops on drums to make this recording. Rockin Route 66 is a reference to the amazing Hot-Rod/Rock’n’Roll festival that happens every June in Tucumcari NM on the legendary Route 66. Danny B and Headcat 13 will be one of the headliners at the festival , June 25-28 2020 in Tucumcari NM

Hailing from Mexico, Ian Rosewood is added to the headline line-up on Saturday night at Rockin’ Route 66, opening for Headcat 13, June 27th, 2020.

Ian Rosewood begins his solo career in the second half of 2007, paying attention to the need to express all kinds of feelings, emotions, ideals as well as lifestyle.

It is not until mid-2008 when he decides to set aside projects and collaborations in various groups of punk, rock and blues music, to devote his time and effort to what will become his first independent album, which is planned to leave at the beginning of the year 2015.

Ian Rosewood’s music is a mix of genres and subgenres ranging from country, rockabilly, blues, southern, rock and roll to punk rock. Even so, at the time of composing, the musician is not limited to include some dye of another genre if by covering it he can express what he wants.

Listening to Rosewood’s songs we realize that his lyrics address issues related to feelings that are derived from personal experiences and experiences, from the illusion of a new love, to the loss of it, a trip home, the city that He saw him be born, until the day he lived with a friend, as well as the musician’s own ideology and his way of life.

Feelings such as love and heartbreak, hatred, courage and fears, are present in each of the themes that Ian Rosewood composes and interprets, leaving aside the metaphors to address in a direct and sincere way the subject he intends to express.

“Over time each individual goes through good and bad circumstances, which are worthy of expressing them and I think there is no better way than in a song.”

Ian Rosewood

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Phil Rocker, South America’s First Rockabilly Star Joins Rockin Route 66; from Columbia, S.A., to Austin, Texas – Phil Rocker brings his guitar riffs to American Rockabilly at Rockin Route 66

Phil Rocker (Felipe Ossa) is a musician from the city of Medellin. Colombia where he was born and still lives and performs. Phil first began playing the guitar 17 years ago.

His musical style includes influences from American Rock-N-Roll mixed with his academic study of music at Colombia’s lnstituto de Bellas Artes (Institute of the Beautiful Arts) where he studied for four years. Other influences are from the more traditional musical heritage heard on the streets of Medellin. Colombia ranging from Tangos. Boleros. Tropical Music. Salsa. Pasillos and more.

Phil admires and emulates a wide variety musical artists from classics and contemporary to 19SO’s Rock-N-Roll. Jump Blues. Rockabilly. Hillbilly and more. Artists he regularly listens to and looks up to include Carlos Santana. Nick Curran. Mike Ness of Social Distortion, Ronnie Dawson and many more.

Phil Rocker playing at US Kustoms for Downtown Showdown’s after party in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Phil has single handedly grown the rockabilly genre in Colombia while also representing Colombian Rockabilly on tour internationally. including several large festivals such as Rock Calavera in Mexico and Rockabilly on the Route in the United States.

Phil’s work has been reviewed by local Colombian media as well as all over Latin America and the United States (including a profile by MTV Iggy). Phil’s debut solo album VIVA-BOP!!! is the first step in the search for a unique sound that identifies Phil as a Latino Rock·N·Roller with a unique and important perspective.

The Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Nashville. Tennessee announced that Phil Rocker of Medellin. Colombia will be honored with a place on their wall.

The Rockabilly Hall of Fame has honored such Rock & Roll pioneers as Elvis presley.jhony cash.jerry lee lewis. Carl perkins and recognizes the work of Phil Rocker as a member of the second generation carrying the fire of Rockabilly to Latin America. Phil Rocker is the first non U.S. Latino on their wall.

Lonesome Dave Fisher, added to the 2020 Rockin Route 66 Line-Up

Lonesome Dave Fisher is a Rockabilly singer, songwriter, and guitarist living in Aurora, Colorado. His danceable, exciting tunes with well crafted lyrics are inspired by classic artists such as Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, and Carl Perkins. A lifetime of collecting records and performing music of many kinds assures a professional and engaging live show.

Lonesome Dave Fisher has had a musical life; as the youngest son in a travelling family, regional American music worked its way into everyday life. As a young boy in San Antonio and Austin he tagged along to the Outlaw Country radio stations where his older brother and father both worked and attended shows in dancehalls and outdoor festivals such as Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic. In his junior high years, he attended both country music fan conventions and arena rock concerts in Nashville. In high school, he jumped onstage with a guitar or bass any chance he could- first with young punk bands in Detroit as his dad worked in an auto factory, then later with Tejano bands outside of little Temple, Texas. Returning to Austin as an adult, he toured the southern states with his surf trio The Swanktones opening for many national acts including Reverend Horton Heat, Agent Orange, and the Beach Boys. He fronted both an alternative country band (The Heroes of the West) and a honky tonk classic cover group (The Outlaw Playboys) before joining Roy Heinrich and the Pickups (Stockade Records) as a lead/baritone guitarist, doubling on mandolin. This was followed by a stint as a lead guitarist in touring rock group Stickpony (Club du Musique Records). He’s been leading his own group and performing his own material as Lonesome Dave Fisher since 2007.

His original music has been described as “Sleepy LaBeef meets the Blasters”, and often is vocally compared to the style of Johnny Cash. He takes all the music of his life history- the energy of punk rock, the precision of country guitar, the storytelling of the blues, the creative musical scales of Tejano and Surf- and incorporates it all into a relevant style outside of current trends. Both of his albums continue to receive airplay in America and around the world, and his streaming audio and downloads have reached over 40 countries worldwide.

Lonesome Dave Fisher has a self-released album, “The Narrow Road to the Deepest South”, a self-released vinyl single “This Used to be My Town”, and an album currently available on the Plan 9 Trash label from Austria. Two new tracks are to be released on a vinyl single.

“…a loud deep voice, plays guitar, and wrote five out of twelve tracks… the same mean and menacing drive one can find on the early Robert Gordon albums”
-Frederick Turgis, The Rockabilly Chronicle

“…brought an international flair to the festival and there was an authenticity to his performance”
-Brendan Keane, The Guardian Ireland

“Somewhere between modern and classic rockabilly… catches the atmosphere of a half dark club with smoke in the air, sweat and beer on the floor…”
-Christoph Kutzer, Die Psychocouch

“Inside each phrasing… one detects reverential recollection of rockabilly primordial passages…”
-D.C. Larson, D.C. Larson’s Jukebox Jury

“The results sound like Sleepy LaBeef meets The Blasters”
-Martin Abraham, The Unleashed Rock and Roll Magazine

Jane Rose, Nashville Tennessee added to the amazing roster for Rockin’ Route 66

Jane Rose and The Deadend Boys are an Alt-Country, Rockabilly, Blues band hailing from Nashville, TN. Fronted by the powerhouse vocals of Jane Rose and backed by the rhythmic stylings of the Deadend Boys, you’ll hear them coming from a state away! They tour the country extensively and are featured at many hot-rod/car shows year round, including Rockin’ Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM

Make sure to take notice, this band is a force to be reckoned with!

Ms. Jane Rose grew up fast and mean and, at age 13, she committed her first heinous act of cold bloodedness… 3 men lost their souls, consumed by Jane’s powerfully sultry and soulful voice.  Jane got caught up in the heat of the moment while overtaking her fourth victim, and was sent to lock down in the Muhlenberg Penitentiary. Jane found redemption playing violin in the penitentiary church band, and harnessed the power of her soul and heartache-filled past into her music and song-writing. This purge led to the creation of such songs as How Could You and Death Becomes Him (available on the CD Poultricide).

Upon her release from Muhlenberg, she formed The Jane Rose Band, belting out over 50 original songs during their five-year run in the Louisville, KY area. But once again, Jane’s voice landed her behind bars. During her short incarceration, she scoured the land of craigslist, posting ads in search of musicians as crazy as she, who wanted to live out of a van and travel to every po-dunk town across all corners of the world. Jane just couldn’t resist the calling of the slappin’ upright bass and the quick-cut time beat of the drums – and that Gretsch hollow body she had been drooling over since age 13. She assembled a group of deadend boys that perfectly fit the bill. The day she was released, The Deadend Boys snatched her up in the murder van and they’ve been on the road ever since.

Well behaved women rarely make history. -Marilyn Monroe
(…so let’s f*** shit up! -Jane Rose)


Buy this CD!”

“I can’t wait for the next one!”

“HOLY SMOKE!!!! You guys are the BEST BAND I’ve ‘discovered’ since I started out many a blue moon ago, hands down!! And Jane…with a voice like that you totally floored me! I’ve been listening to your stuff OVER AND OVER AGAIN and can’t get enough of it!!!! STAY WILD & KEEP THE ROCK ROLLIN’!! I’m gone…long gone…”
-Hank C. Burnette

“Crow, Jane!”

“From the opening guitar riff of “Death Becomes Him”, she had me. She owned my complete and undivided attention. I get like that sometimes. Then, she started singing, growling perhaps, but a little Rockabilly “hiccup” influence. Holy crap! The volume knob goes to 11. I am transported to a different place. A place I love. A place I am comfortable in. A place I can only get to through music. There’s a bit of darkness there that I am uncomfortable with in my real life, but I can embrace it now.”

“Am I Jane’s “God-Damn fool”? Only when this record is playing.”

“The rhythm section, Lee Bryant on bass, and Jefferson “J.D.” Dorsey on drums have it nailed down tight, and I can’t sit still. My feet are tapping. A banjo! A mandolin! Clay Miller adds a lot to this record. Dang, there goes Jane rocking that big red Gretsch again!”

“You are made of cool.”

“I first met Jane Rose in St. Louis, Mo. where she tore it up with the Bible Belt Sinners. When she moved away I knew I hadn’t heard the last of her. Now with a new combo, the Deadend Boys, Jane is still ripping up the rockabilly scene and this time she’s not putting up with any crap. Moonshine, Murder and Poultricide. Watch out fellas, she’s on a rampage with powerful songs like Death Becomes Him and Wrong Kind of Guy, she lets you know she’s a kitten with claws. She’s got her eye on you and she’s gonna be treated right. The Deadend Boys sound as if the name is mere irony, the road is endless for these talented musicians. Lee, Clay, JD, Nick and Noah are powering this hot rod driven by Jane. Fueled by moonshine they’re on a murderous rampage to success and keep your chickens in check. Poultricide is no joke.”
-Al Swacker

Make sure you follow Jane Rose and check out more of her videos here as we get ready for Rockin’ Route 66… 

Traveling from Belgium, John Mary Go Round

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A hoarse and warm voice. A heavy blues, rough, throbbing and deep. A tireless traveler, on the road for 40 years, John Mary Go Round tells his stories lived around the world played on strange instruments called Cigar Box Guitar.

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The Waymores return to Tucumcari for Rockin’ Route 66, 2020

The Waymores: Kira Annalise and Willie Heath Neal

The Waymores is a romantic honky tonk love story of two musicians sharing their love of music and each other. The ‘imfamous’ honky tonk legend, Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise get together to share some fun stories of the road together as they kick back and share some originals to covers at the Angel City Saloon. Winners of Ink-n-Oil’s choice for Honky Tonk bands in Grease Inc., this duo kicks everything off Wednesday night. Check out their write up in Grease Inc.’s November issue; Waymores is a romantic honky tonk love story of two musicians sharing their love of music and each other. The ‘imfamous’ honky tonk legend, Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise get together to share some fun stories of the road together as they kick back and share some originals to covers at the Angel City Saloon. Winners of Ink-n-Oil’s choice for Honky Tonk bands in Grease Inc., this duo kicks everything off Wednesday night. Check out their write up in Grease Inc.’s November issue; Waymores is a romantic honky tonk love story of two musicians sharing their love of music and each other. The ‘imfamous’ honky tonk legend, Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise get together to share some fun stories of the road together as they kick back and share some originals to covers at the Angel City Saloon. Winners of Ink-n-Oil’s choice for Honky Tonk bands in Grease Inc., this duo kicks everything off Wednesday night. Check out their write up in Grease Inc.’s November issue;

Jem Crossland and the Roadrunners

Jem Crossland

Jem Cossland, bringing a rockabilly style out of North Carolina for the past twenty years with his band the Roadrunners. Singing many of his own compositions along side interpretations of classics to get everyone dancing or at least toe tapping. Performing in a traditional style that echoes the greats of the past. This music transcends time and is timeless sounding as fresh as it did back when.

Jem is no stranger to Tucumcari, New Mexico. His first visit was playing during the Rockabilly on the Route festival created by Simon Cantlon and Ungie Davila. Since that time, nearly a decade ago, Jem has fallen in love with Tucumcari, and all the hidden treasures of Route 66.

Jem Crossland plays Carl Perkins

Just prior to heading west to kick off the inaugural year of Rockin’ Route 66, Jem played the part of Carl Perkins in a musical playwright called, the Million Dollar Quartet, at the Little Theater of Gastonia in North Carolina.

On December 4, 1963 four young musicians by the names of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins recorded together at Sun Records in Memphis creating one of the most amazing all-star jams in music history. This Tony Award winner features 4 rock legends and 1 incredible night of music!”

This year, Jem Crossland returns with the Roadrunners comprised of upright bassist, Randall Hickman, and drummer, Karra Booher. Jem will be the opening headliner of Rockin’ Route 66 with a unique new stage installation at the Odeon Theater on Thursday night, June 25th. You will also be able to catch Jem throughout the entire weekend at various locations including Watson’s BBQ for an intimate setting during the festival’s “lunch wagon” sessions. To make sure you get the complete line-up of the event, you can check out the detailed schedule on-line and in Grease Inc. magazine, available at the festival and on-line.

Jemm Crossland and the Roadrunners at Watson’s BBQ, Rockin’ Route 66, 2019
picture left to right: Karra Booher, Randall Hickman, Jem Crossland

Dropping F’ Bombs at Rockin’ Route 66, 2020

The F’ Bombs are a rockabilly band from El Paso, TX. Since forming 2012, they have shared the stage with amazing acts such as, Oeke Bickers n, Klm Lens, Star Mountain Dreamers, Lloyd Trlpp, The Bellturles, Just to name a few.

“The opening band in Al Paso tonight was called the F’ Bombs. I was expecting a hardcore punk band with that name. Imagine my surprise——one of the BEST new rockabilly bands I’ve seen in quite some time.”

Oeke had this to say about the band
The F’ Bombs can even be heard in 0eke’s 2012 Tour documentary.

Although the F’ Bombs play ten cover songs, they are an original band who write their own music. From their rockers to their slow love songs, they always get the crowd going. One of their originals, “So Far Away” was featured in a commercial on a local El Paso business.

Each band member has been playing sic tor at least 15 years and their combined knowledge and love of the music gives them a s nd like no other.